I thought I was original…wtf

Last Thursday, I sat down to finally make a move on this blog business.  I had been talking about how awesome my seven year plan blog would be for about a month at this point and it was high time to either commit or shut up about it.  Since I’m not normally one to shut up about anything I found myself debating blogspot or wordpress.  Blogspot, duh, I can totally link it to my gmail, which means I can blog while gchatting…brilliant.

I log on, create my profile and enter my blog name.  This blog already exists, my computer angrily informs me.  Umm, no it doesn’t, I have not started writing it, yet.

“OMG, someone stole my blog!”

My roommate, Athena*, and her boyfriend come into the living room seven year plan headquarters with matching confused looks on their faces.

“Look!” I turn the computer towards them and there it is, my blog.  Well, not my blog, but some other girl’s non-plan spelled out for all of the internet to enjoy.

“Why don’t you just spell it differently?”  Athena points out, so logically and reasonably.

I try every spelling I can possibly think of…sevenyearplan, 7yrplan, the7yearplan, the7yrplan, thesvnyearplan.  Every single one has some narcissistic 23 year old trying to chronicle their journey to adulthood; well except for one blog about the bible and one about economics, both subjects I took classes on in college, but could not tell you a single thing about at current.  In any case, this discovery prompts a serious existential crisis.

“I’m quitting the blog.”

“You can’t do that.  You’ve built it up too much.”  Athena and Mr. Athena* give me that parental don’t be a quitter look.  They are decidedly less dramatic than I am and live their lives with a maturity that I can hardly fathom.  Their seven year plans end with becoming president of a University and/or Fortune 500 company and a neurosurgeon, respectively.  I am fairly certain they keep me around just for my entertainment value.

Hoping I can get someone to tell me quitting is obviously the only solution I put in a call to the blog’s associate editor in Chicago.  South Beach* is the person I usually call when I know I am being completely insane because she typically understands my psychosis, but is still able to slap me when I need her to.  Case in point…

“No, no, no,” She tells me, “name it something else.”

“I can’t, the whole premise of the blog is THE PLAN!”

Twenty minutes and 400 dramatic sighs later, I am unable to convince South Beach that being unoriginal is a good reason to quit.  Instead she steers me to wordpress with the assurance that my blog doesn’t necessarily have to be original, it just has to be less tragic than the other seven year plan blogs.

So, I’m blogging, but to be clear this does not mean I have come to terms with being the millionth person to come up with a seven year plan and blog about it.  Disconcerted, not discouraged, is probably the best way to describe it.  I imagine it is probably a lot like running into your doppelganger or meeting someone for the first time who is positive that they met you last week at Bell in Hand, but you know you weren’t there so there must be someone else running around with your face.

The bottom line here is that I didn’t quit: +2

And I increased my self awareness:  +2


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  1. Athena* is definitely not some sort of goddess…

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