Cultural Phenomenon Friday

Happy Friday! From now on we are going to have what will be called Feature Friday, mostly because I love alliteration. Every Friday we are going to rotate through 4 features: Cultural Phenomenon Friday, Fun Fact Friday, True Confession Friday and Guest Blogger Friday. Today we are starting with Cultural Phenomenon Friday because I want to talk about back burners and I am already a little late to the party on this one, but isn’t that the story of my life these days? Anyway, moving on.

A few weeks ago, I began subscribing to the New York Times so that I could read the wedding announcements about serious world issues. My serious reading eventually led me to these 2 gems.

Overall, I would say this is a fairly spot on assessment of the tragedies of dating, so I am not going to rehash those here. I do want to point out that both of authors make special note of the back burner.

For those of you who think I am talking about a stove, you’re probably too old to be here, but I will explain briefly anyway. The back burner is a great place where you put the suitors/lady friends you don’t feel like aggressively pursuing. To be clear, you are interested in said people, but maybe not super interested. You basically keep them around so that when today’s pool of eligible bachelors/bachelorettes dries up you still have someone with whom to flirt/make out.

South Beach and I first broached the topic of back burners back in the early part of the summer. Tragically, I tried to put one of my back burners up front and to keep in line with the metaphor I’ll just say we had a bit of a grease fire. Epic mistakes aside, this is how I knew I was destined to become a world famous blogger. As South Beach can attest, we knew about some cultural phenomenon that eventually became an actual thing that people talked about and we were discussing it way before the New York Times made it main stream. I mean, if that does not scream ‘you are so hip, you must start a blog’ then I just don’t know what does. In short, you have the New York Times to thank for this literary masterpiece.


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