Fun Fact Friday

Yo yo yo, Readers. Congrats on making it through another grueling week of grownup drudgery.  You are going to have to bear with me today as I am operating with a slight hangover.  Last night, my friend Sonic and I had a meeting to discuss the volunteer work we do for our alumni association.  Turns out there was not that much to discuss and 2 bottles of wine later we decided to go out raging.  Busch Light was consumed and my headache tells me I am most certainly not in college anymore.  Without further delay…your fun facts:

FACT: I voted for George Bush in 2004…terrible.  Now, having learned better I would not do such a thing.  Before the most recent election I may or may not have called 911 when a rabid McCain supporter was parked in my driveway yelling about how terrible Obama was.

FACT: Killer whales eat sharks by T-boning them and forcing them to lay belly up.  This puts the sharks to sleep through a process called tonic something which allows the whales to just eat them right up.

FACT: Thelo mia birra?  Means can I have a beer in Greek.  Skillaki means little dog and pagotara means giant ice cream.  Those are the 3 things I remember from the month I spent living in Athens.

FACT: Marathon Monday is the best holiday.

FACT: I was the saddest person ever to graduate from college.  A stranger even asked to take my picture because she had “never seen anyone cry so hard.”  The Ferret and Hawk keep a picture of me sobbing and desperately clutching a bottle of pink Andre in their kitchen, which I assume is just so they can look at it every day and mock me.

Have a fab weekend.  Stay away from the Busch Light.


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