It’s our first Guest Blogger Friday!

Hey, Friday, heyyyyyyyy.  Since I really need to work on the about section of the blog I have asked my friend Pop Princess to be thesevenyearplan’s inaugural guest blogger.  Pop Princess is the twin sister of my friend, Becky.  When we were in college Pop Princess would pay us a visit once or twice a year and highly ridiculous behavior was inevitable.  Despite having graduated, her life has hardly slowed down and she chronicles her adventures on her very own blog, Say Whaaaaat?, named after a brand of leggings.  To learn more about the girl who once squeezed a bouncer’s butt chin and told him she wanted to kiss him through the phone click here.

I think I can honestly say in my day to day life, I’m not what one would consider uptight.  I don’t really let that much bother me.  Probably because I’m messy by nature, and my life is, in general, all over the place.

However, I do have some grievances, that offenders may think are trivial, but might just put this popprincess right over the edge.  Here is a list of my top five:

5. My story getting Hijacked

If I’m telling a story, and I know it’s funny or juicy and you jump in and try to take over, I will absolutely call you out for hijacking my story, and immediately silence you.

4.  Phone Etiquette

First, let’s start with talking loudly on your phone in a public place.  If I’m in line at the store, I don’t want to hear that your mother’s sister’s friend’s cousin’s hair dresser cheated on her husband and is knocked up. And neither do the 7 other people behind me.

Second, let’s talk texting.  There’s a time and a place for it (and no, I don’t mean at 2AM, squinting at your phone with one eye, trying to text your ex boyfriend).  I’m saying…if you’re out to dinner or hanging out with friends, put the phone down…take a shot at speaking to the actual human beings in your presence (novel idea right?)

3. Bikers (Cyclists)

No explanation needed. (Ed. Note…I know, right?  They are always trying to get under my wheels!)

2. “Thank you in advance”.

Eff you, thank me in advance? This means you’re making the assumption that I’m going to follow through on whatever favor you’ve asked of me.  Not to mention, when you use this phrase their request is never, ever a simple one.  So don’t thank me in advance until I actually agree to your annoying demand.

1. Blatant Laziness

Okay, I admit it, sometimes I’m guilty of being generally lazy.  Yes, if I drink 9+ bud lights on a Saturday, I’ll watch crime shows all day and won’t leave the house, let alone my couch.  But blatent laziness just pisses me right off.

9 out of 10 times, when I’m heading to the locker room at the gym, a woman walking in front of me will hit the handicapped button so the door opens automatically.  Honestly, one of these days, I’m going to flip.  First off, YOU’RE NOT HANDICAPPED.  So when that door is out of service and a handicapped person has to get help getting in, well that just sucks.  Second, YOU’RE AT THE GYM.  The reason you are there is for physical activity, yet, you’re too lazy to lift your arm to waist height to open a door.  Truthfully, is it really that heavy?

So if you agree with any of these above, make sure you don’t become an offender.  I’ll be watching.




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